7,000 feet in 70 days

Maine Water Biddeford West Street project

CLICK IMAGE for a video report about the West Street water main replacement project in Biddeford, Maine.

Maine Water is happy to report that except for a couple of very minor details to finish up, our work is done on the West Street, Biddeford project. This was a MAJOR undertaking, in which about 7,000 feet of 8” pipe, much of it about 100 years old and beyond its reasonable life expectancy, was replaced with more than a mile of new 12” pipe that is expected to last 100 years.

As VP of Operations Rick Knowlton explains in this VIDEO REPORT, by making this huge capital investment now, we headed off any potential for this very important water main to fail in catastrophic fashion. Thus, folks all along the route will always have fresh drinking water available. Turn on the tap, we’re there! Just as important, the upgrade gives the Biddeford Fire Department flow capacity to neighborhoods along the route, just in case the unthinkable happens and they need to put out a fire.

Like any major construction project, there were coordinating challenges to overcome, and although everything did not go silky smoothly, for the most part we tried to adjust whenever we got feedback and correct problems as soon as possible. In particular, we would like to thank the travelling public for staying in touch with us via social media, as well as city councilor Clement Fleurent, police chief Roger Beaupre, state senator David Dutremble, Mayor Alan Casavant, public works director Guy Casavant, and many others who lent their expertise and insights. One of the things to which Maine Water is committed is being as open and transparent as possible, and we hope it was plain that all your voices mattered. We certainly were listening!

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