Another update on Biddeford’s West Street project

Maine Water is replacing an old water main with one that is designed to last 100 years.

The conclusion of the West Street project in Biddeford is drawing closer.

As the water main replacement project continues on West Street, we thank the Biddeford mayor, Alan Casavant, for staying in touch with Maine Water and relaying concerns that he is hearing. In case you did not know, the company addressed a variety of concerns with a YouTube update available at THIS LINK. If you haven’t taken the time to watch it yet, we urge that you do.

Maine Water is now sending the daily and weekly work plans to the mayor, and we will post these on our Facebook page, available at THIS LINK.

The company had scheduled this project to be after La Kermesse, after discussing the timing with the City. This project was identified as a top priority by the comprehensive engineering assessment that the company had completed in 2013, and with the replacement of over 7,000 feet of water main, at a cost of over $1.2 million, this is a significant upgrade to the infrastructure that will improve fire fighting capacity and water flows.  We truly appreciate the public’s patience as we complete this project within the next few weeks. While the new main is in place, the steps now of tying each customer’s service line to the new main is time consuming. We are waiting to pave until the full completion of the project, to be as cost effective as possible.

Maine Water invites everyone to learn as much about the water system as possible. IT NEEDS WORK — A LOT OF IT. We mentioned the engineering reports above, and you can see these and learn about the distribution system and treatment plant recommendations yourself- the distribution system is at THIS LINK. If you want to learn about the treatment plant, go to THIS LINK. If you don’t have time to go through these reports, know this: the engineers have been very thorough, and they have laid out a plan for Maine Water that is comprehensive, sensible, and that provides for the proper infrastructure improvements that must take place as this community rebounds economically, and revitalizes itself.

Maine Water maintains a blog on which it tries to keep all its customers updated. You can find it at

A construction project is a construction project — it is by definition inconvenient. But Maine Water would like to thank the mayor and all city officials for their continued public service, for letting us know about the concerns, and for their close collaboration in trying to find the least disruptive formula possible. We hope some of this information is helpful, and please be assured that Maine Water will consider EVERY constructive suggestion, from every corner of every community we serve.

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