Your help much appreciated in this brutal winter

It's important to keep fire hydrants clear!

Thanks for helping us dig out! If it keeps going like this, the Winter of 2014 will long be remembered as one of the harshest in decades.

As we wrote back in December, we have hundreds of fire hydrants (more than 1,200, actually!) to clear every time it snows. This is one of the toughest Maine winters in a very long time, and the parade of storms that has been hitting the state recently is just amazing. Once we clean up after one storm, another’s right behind it!

If you’re one of those kind people who has “adopted” a fire hydrant in your neighborhood and keeps it shoveled out, we want to thank you. VERY MUCH. As you might imagine, we have been spending hundreds of man-hours shoveling out hydrants this winter.

Maine Water plays a crucial role in fire protection, helping towns and cities make sure that plenty of water under adequate pressure is always available to municipal fire departments, to fight a fire in the unfortunate event that one breaks out. We appreciate the help of any safety-minded citizen who takes the initiative, beats us to the punch and, shovel in hand, gets the job done before we can.

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