Grateful for help with snow removal, fire protection

Keeping fire hydrants clear of snow is a BIG JOB!

Keeping fire hydrants clear of snow is a BIG JOB!

Maine Water’s mission is to provide quality drinking water to all our customers. But we also play a crucial role in fire protection, helping towns and cities make sure that plenty of water under adequate pressure is always available to municipal fire departments, to fight a fire in the unfortunate event that one breaks out.

That includes making sure fire hydrants are clear of snow. It is Maine Water’s responsibility to keep them clear, but with all the snow we’ve had recently, we appreciate the help of any safety-minded citizen who takes the initiative and, shovel in hand, gets the job done before we can. We have thousands of hydrants to clear, and we’re still working. Back-to-back storms, as you might imagine, are particularly challenging.

Have you “adopted” a hydrant in your neighborhood? The first day of winter isn’t even here yet, but if you’re one of those particularly thoughtful people who, concerned about public safety, has already grabbed a shovel and cleared out one of our hydrants, we owe you a big THANK YOU!

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