Brief video report from a vibrant Business Expo


CLICK THIS IMAGE for brief remarks from Judy Wallingford, president of Maine Water, about the warm reception we’ve received in 2013 from the Biddeford-Saco business community.

Earlier this fall, Maine Water attended the Annual Business Expo of the Biddeford + Saco Chamber of Commerce & Industry. According to Craig Pendleton, the Chamber’s activist executive director, one purpose of the Expo is to bring businesses together to network and engage in productive conversations about economic development.

Maine Water merged with the former Biddeford and Saco Water Company less than a year ago. As the economic “anchor” of York County, Maine’s fastest growing county, Biddeford-Saco is on the brink of significant economic expansion, and of course, the integrity of the area’s infrastructure will play a big part in that. That includes fire protection and plenty of fresh, clean drinking water.

As Judy Wallingford, president of Maine Water, reports in THIS VIDEO, the reception for Maine Water in Biddeford-Saco has been warm and welcoming. We intend to keep learning about this community, and to be a strong supporter of economic development here, as we try to do in all the Maine communities we serve. The future is bright!

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